What’s New - August 19, 2017

            I have completed the editing and additions for the study on the Holy Spirit. Be sure that you refresh your browser, so you are looking at the latest study. If you don’t refresh, your browser may just pull up the old one.

            I have one more written study to audit/edit, and then I will begin recording audio lectures, with those subjects I regard as most vital for all to understand.

            Thank you all for your prayers. I am still dealing with health issues, but we have discovered that they are autoimmune, so they are not going away. At least we have a new direction to look for some temporary relief. This old world is passing away, so it is not surprising that we human beings are dying right along with the earth. Only Jesus can “make all things new”.

            I have been granted a non-provisional utility patent on my Toaster Mate, along with the trademark on the name. My patent will be “Issued” and published on August 29th. I am searching for a ceramics manufacturer, which might want to buy that patent and trademark. Short of that, I will go forward to start my own company, to sell online product manufactured in China. I will - of course - demand a certificate from the manufacturer that all clays used meet the FDA and Calif. Prop65 standards for Food Contact Substances (FCS). I’m asking that you pray for me, concerning this process, because I have promised for the LORD, 1/3 of any profit I earn.

Many Blessings Always

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

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