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What’s New - July 20, 2017

            You remember awhile back. I told you that I have invented something. Well, I was granted a patent on that invention. I received the “Notification of Allowance” last Friday from the USPTO. I was also granted a trademark of the name - Toaster Mate. I will receive the paper with the gold seal, just as soon as the USPTO processes my $240 fee. I am elated, but I realize that a patent is not much good unless one can sell it, or has a company to manufacture the patented item. I believe that I was called to teach, not to run a company, so I am praying the LORD will bring a buyer for my patent and trademark.

            You can see my invention at www.bettertoast.com. No. We are not selling anything on that website. We are just telling folks about my invention, hoping that some company will want to buy my patent and my trademark of the name Toaster Mate.

            Do us a favor, and give my invention a LIKE, by clicking on the little lightbulbs. Give us 5 little bulbs if you think this invention would be a handy thing for you.

            Do drop us a line, and tell us what you think of the Toaster Mate. We are working on a better color for the TM, and will be taping a video ad soon, for the website. And yes, I am seriously considering applying to be a contestant on Shark Tank.

            I would love to have the money to expand the PVP website, and to advertize the site more widely, so we can reach more people. Maybe I can even travel to see some of you, who have followed our website for years.

            If you know of a company that makes ceramic kitchen ware, by all means tell the owners of that company about the Toaster Mate. We believe it is going to be a big hit. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but we do always need your help - not in money donations, but in prayers for us and for Prophecy Viewpoint.

May the LORD bless and keep you.


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