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Censored Science

Censored Science is a stunning designed, full-color book showcasing the fifty best evidences for a biblical creation worldview. Each two-page spread lays out the evidence for creation and then provides a rebuttal to the most common evolutionist objections to the evidence.
Published in December 2009, the volume contains both the most recent cutting-edge evidence for creation and time-tested evidence which have never been answered by those rejecting Biblical truth.
The book is divided into three major sections - Censored Biological Evidence, Censored Geological Evidence, and Censored Cosmological Evidence. Each section starts with a description of how an assumption of naturalism prevents our educational system from exposing students to any evidence which contradicts the presuppositions of evolution.
Censored Science contains beautiful photos, captivating narrative and thought-provoking statements and questions. As a Christian, you have to grapple with some very fundamental issues from Genesis. Sure, it is easier to ignore them (and it is a small step from ignore to ignorance). Do you know what you believe? Do you know why you believe it? What if there is another explanation that fits perfectly with the Biblical description and timeline and at the same time explains and fits with ALL the geological and archeological evidence around us?
This is an easy to read, very easy to look at and easy to understand book. It is a super addition to your library ... but don't leave it on a shelf! Put it out on the coffee table or near the couch so your children, friends and visitors can enjoy it too.

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Unlocking the Mystery of Life

This is outstanding production that allows people who are not biological specialists to understand the technical arguments of intelligent design that are usually beyond the grasp of the laity.
It features beautiful computer animations of cellular mechanics, outstanding discussions by leading scientists of the complexity of life and the problems with Darwin's theory.
It does an admirable job of keeping the dialogue scientific, there is nothing religious in nature in the presentation and it is equally suitable for showing in both the Church and the public school system.
The DVD offers some good bonus footage of scientists answering various questions about evolution and I.D., footage of the galapogas wildlife that Darwin encountered and list of web and book references to go to for deeper study.
All in all a great video to use to make people think a second time about evolutionary theory and the argument for God by design.

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Darwin's Dilemma

Judging from all the name-calling and lack of substantive response by the detractors of Darwin's Dilemma you know this film has hit a home run. The documentary reveals the huge scientific problems with Darwin's theory as it relates to the Cambrian Explosion.
This is not a religious film but atheists hate it because the scientific evidence is deeply disturbing to their belief system. The absence of transitional forms between the animal body plans implies design rather than a gradual, unguided cobbling together of adaptations.
The movie shows how the Precambrian layer contains single-celled creatures but no obvious ancestors of the Cambrian Phyla. By looking at the Burgess Shale of BC and the Chengjiang fossils of China the film shows how soft-bodied and microscopic creatures are exquisitely well preserved in the rocks but no transitional forms connect the animal phyla. Thus, the old Darwinist excuse that the transitionals really did exist but were too small and soft-bodied to be preserved is untenable.
The interviews with Cambrian fossil experts James Valentine and Simon Conway Morris are very informative. It's difficult for Darwinists to brush off the opinions of these evolutionary biologists because they aren't affiliated with the Intelligent Design movement. They're simply giving a candid assessment of the fossil evidence and the subsequent challenge it poses for Darwin's theory.
The computer graphics are well done and very helpful. Overall, it's an excellent documentary that's well worth seeing if you want to be a scientifically literate person.

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The Evidence

Carl Baugh, PhD, takes you on an incredible journey starting with the beginning of our universe right through to the coming restoration of all Creation. All the while, challenging popular evolutionary theories and answering age old questions about our very existense. Dr. Baugh presents astounding facts about our past, present and future in conjunction with the Biblical Record and provides concrete scientific evidence that secular science has overlooked and has trouble disproving.

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Three DVD series

The first one, "Darwin's Dilemma," deals with the Cambrian Explosion and Darwin's inability to explain it. This is not something put in Darwin's mouth. It is taken from his own writings. The fossil record looks nothing like Darwin's "Tree of Life." Frankly, I have no idea why people get upset when difficulties are pointed out with Darwin's theory. It's old, musty, Victorian stuff. Just last week, some scientists observed neutrinos going faster than light. If that is true, Einstein is due for some serious updating. But nobody got all hot under the collar and screamed, "You can't attack Einstein!"
The second DVD, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life," deals with the incredible nanotechnology inside bacteria and human cells. The computer animation alone is worth the price of admission.
The third DVD, "The Privileged Planet," explores the tantalizing, uncanny relationship between Earth as a home of intelligent life, and Earth as an ideal platform for studying the universe. As Einstein pointed out, "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

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The Case for the Creator

Interesting, from an Engineering Perspective. As an engineer, this DVD really clicked with me. (Lee) Strobel found experts who really approached nature from the same perspective an engineer would if he were given a product and told to reverse engineer it to see how it worked. Indeed, just the fact that such analytical techniques even hold up, let alone produce results that fall so cleanly into established technological paradigms, should be an earth-shaking finding.
Very informative and scientific. This video is very thorough in discussing several different scientific thoughts on the origin of creation. It also has good commentary from Lee (Strobel) about why he went on his search. I would recommend this to middle schoolers on up. But if you show it to teens, do not show it all at once because it is pretty in depth in terms of scientific discussion.
Incredible! Great investigative writer, intriguing topic in DVD format, highly suggested for intelligent, open minded adults and teens.

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Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Politically Incorrect Darwinism - Intelligent Design

Why Darwinism-like Marxism and Freudianism before it-is headed for extinction. In the 1925 Scopes trial, the American Civil Liberties Union sued to allow the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools. Seventy-five years later, in Kitzmiller v. Dover, the ACLU sued to prevent the teaching of an alternative to Darwin's theory known as "Intelligent Design"-and won. Why did the ACLU turn from defending the free-speech rights of Darwinists to silencing their opponents? Jonathan Wells reveals that, for today's Darwinists, there may be no other choice: unable to fend off growing challenges from scientists, or to compete with rival theories better adapted to the latest evidence, Darwinism-like Marxism and Freudianism before it-is simply unfit to survive. Wells begins by explaining the basic tenets of Darwinism, and the evidence both for and against it. He reveals, for instance, that the fossil record, which according to Darwin should be teeming with "transitional" fossils showing the development of one species to the next, so far hasn't produced a single incontestable example. On the other hand, certain well-documented aspects of the fossil record-such as the Cambrian explosion, in which innumerable new species suddenly appeared fully formed-directly contradict Darwin's theory. Wells also shows how most of the other "evidence" for evolution- including textbook "icons" such as peppered moths, Darwin's finches, Haeckel's embryos, and the Tree of Life-has been exaggerated, distorted . . . and even faked. Wells then turns to the theory of intelligent design (ID), the idea that some features of the natural world, such as the internal machinery of cells, are too "irreducibly complex" to have resulted from unguided natural processes alone. In clear-cut layman's language, he reveals the growing evidence for ID coming out of scientific specialties from microbiology to astrophysics. As Wells explains, religion does play a role in the debate over Darwin-though not in the way evolutionists claim. Wells shows how Darwin reasoned that evolution is true because divine creation "must" be false-a theological assumption oddly out of place in a scientific debate. In other words, Darwinists' materialistic, atheistic assumptions rule out any theories but their own, and account for their willingness to explain away the evidence-or lack of it. Darwin is an emperor who has no clothes- but it takes a brave man to say so. Jonathan Wells, a microbiologist with two Ph.D.s (from Berkeley and Yale), is that brave man. Most textbooks on evolution are written by Darwinists with an ideological ax to grind. Brave dissidents-qualified scientists-who try to teach or write about intelligent design are silenced and sent to the academic gulag. But fear not: Jonathan Wells is a liberator. He unmasks the truth about Darwinism- why it is wrong and what the real evidence is. He also supplies a revealing list of "Books You're Not Supposed to Read" (as far as the Darwinists are concerned) and puts at your fingertips all the evidence you need to challenge the most closed-minded Darwinist.
About the Author: Jonathan Wells is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in theology from Yale University. He is the author of Icons of Evolution: Why Much of What We Teach about Evolution Is Wrong (Regnery) and is currently doing intelligent design-related scientific research.

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Creation Series

The Creation Series

with Kent Hovind.
Published by This lecture series moves fast, will make you think, and will make you laugh. It's the best series I have come across for inoculating young people against evolutionary theory. Worth watching again and again. Good ammunition.
The Seminar gives the proof about the lie of the Evolution Theory. I have studied different opinions from creationist and evolutionist finding that the Theory of Evolution is exactly what it states. A theory. I have found that it is not based on any scientific criteria at all. Evolutionist seem to proclaim that the Evolution Theory is scientifically based, but I have personal found through my studies, that it requires more faith to believe evolution than creation. I urge everyone to order this set. A nice thing is that it also comes with a CD with the whole seminar that can be downloaded on an MP3 player.

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