What’s New - ALERT

January 16, 2018

            My husband - the Webmaster, has updated to a new, faster, (hopefully) better server. He is transferring all of the files over from the old server, which may take several more days. All of the written studies have been transferred, and he is now working on all of the audio files.

Please check back with us in a few days.

Many Blessings


            Language TRANSLATION!!! My husband - the webmaster - has incorporated into the website the google translation plug in. Just choose the language you wish to view, and click the “Translate” button. Wow!! Isn’t technology wonderful! It is truly evidence that we are approaching the end of this age. The Gospel will reach every nation and people. Just translate, print, and share.

            I have completed the editing and additions for all of the written studies. Now I can begin to record more audio lectures. Be sure that you refresh your browser, so you are looking at the latest study. If you don’t refresh, your browser may just pull up the old one.

            New Study: “Through His Son”. Most Christians know that Jesus died on a cross for us, but they do not know about all the other things that the Son of God has done (and will do) - for His Father and for us. I wanted to pull together verses which highlight the work of God’s Son, in creation, mediation, redemption, judgment, execution of judgment, healing and restoration. Reading through these verses, one is impressed that God’s Son is much more than “the Lamb”. He is the LORD’s “right hand” and His “holy arm”. He is “the Word” of God.

Many Blessings Always

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

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