News Letter - February 24, 2018

            I wish you all a blessed and joyful Purim, this Thursday March 1st. We are reminded that God constantly defends His people, those who pray to Him and strive to obey Him. I love Purim, because I am reminded that our LORD has used women to accomplish His will and His great plan.


            The process is going slowly. Some of the audio files became corrupted (electronically) in the transfer to a new server. Bear with us. The webmaster is going through them, one at a time, checking to make sure each one is good.

            I’m sure some of you will think I’ve gone overboard with 8 studies on the subject of the Trinity Question, and 2 reviews of the New Testament - one collecting the verses which mention the Father and the Son, and the other collecting the verses which mention the Spirit. Maybe I have. Time will tell. I read a verse which says three things on the topic. Then I do a separate study on each one of the three things, with other supporting verses. Maybe you can see how the number of studies would grow. How many things can one say about our God and His Son? I wonder. I’m finished with this topic - for now, except that I will record 4 more audio teachings, using the written studies.

            The latest study in the series is titled “Show us the Father”. It is an attempt to answer the questions: 1. Why did God beget a Son? 2. When did God beget a Son? 3. Were the Father and His Son equals, prior to the incarnation?

            Prophecy Viewpoint is still averaging over 8000 visitors each month. That’s the number we can count anyway. Most folks erase their electronic “footprint” after a visit, so the number is probably far in excess of 8k. Our program shows visitors from many countries around the globe.

            Thank you for your continued prayers, both for us, and for all those who visit PVP.

Come quickly LORD Jesus!



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