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A Synopsis of My Journey

First published 2012

Last Edited - October 8, 2021

Scripture is from the NKJV unless otherwise noted.

      I will try to retrace my own journey of questioning and study, which led me to my present understanding.

      I have believed for at least 42 years, that death is an unconscious state, with God retaining a perfect “memory” of the individual - the “spirit” essence or mind download if you will. This was a necessary foundational belief.

      It did not seem logical that Christ will need to resurrect someone who has already been living in Heaven, just to bring them back into a body? Anyone living in Heaven must already have the “spiritual body” (1Cor. 15:44). And WHY resurrect someone back into a physical body for judgment and destruction, if that person has already been judged and his soul has been in Hell for many years? That just made no sense.

      To my mind, resurrection demands that death be a state of unknowing, or “sleep” - an interim state between this physical life and the future life. The future life for the redeemed will be eternal with God. The future life for the knowingly wicked will be for judgment at the Glorious Return, followed by annihilation.

      “Sheol” - meaning simply “where the dead go,” is the Hebrew word for that place where the dead exist, while they wait for resurrection. All the dead - good, bad or indifferent, went to Sheol. They all went to the same place.

      Believing that “the dead” are asleep and unconscious, I could not figure out WHEN Christ would rule “the nations.” (“The nations” is an English translation of a Hebrew word for non-Israelites.) I knew that Christ would one day “rule the nations with a rod of iron,” and I knew that “we will reign with Him.” I just couldn’t figure out WHEN. Will He resurrect “the nations” at the Glorious Return, to rule them for a few days until they die in the last plagues? Will He rule over those who survive the last plagues? Will He resurrect them at the 8th millennium - to rule them, judge them and annihilate them? No scenario seem to make much sense.

      I studied the seven last plagues, and became convinced those plagues will completely wipe out all life on this planet. Absolutely everything necessary for human life will be gone. Clean air, vegetation, life in the ocean - all gone. No one will survive! The redeemed must be rescued off this planet. Everyone else will be dead!

      I felt the weight of the evidence pointed to a desolate and uninhabited earth, with the redeemed in “the Father’s House,” at least for some portion of the 7th millennium. This scenario fits the TYPE. Anciently, the “scapegoat” was banished to the “uninhabited place” (bottomless pit). Satan is imprisoned in the “abyss” for 1000 years following the Second Coming.

      Yes - there is a study at this website titled “Millennium.”

      During this process I was spending time with the Hebrew Roots Movement, and I was learning that all of the redeemed ARE Israel. If you believe in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and our Savior, then you are grafted into Israel. It’s NOT about DNA. It’s about faith. That’s Ephesians Chapter Two, and Romans Chapter Eleven. There is a study titled “Who are Israel?

      Well - this whole “Israel” thing got me reading the Old Testament, and I discovered there are only two kinds of people - Israelites AND “the nations” (also called strangers, aliens, foreigners or Gentiles). God judges Israelites differently. They are held to a higher standard, because they know who Yahweh is, and they know His Law. Israelites were judged on Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). “The nations” were NOT judged on Yom Kippur. Wow!

      THAT ONE hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought everyone would be judged on the same day.

      I discovered that the Second Coming will be judgment day. It will be the fulfillment of the Yom Kippur judgment prophecy. Only Israel was judged on Yom Kippur. All the people of “the nations” who lived in ignorance of Yahweh, were not - and will NOT, be judged on that day.

      See the study titled “Judgment Day” for greater detail.

      I must mention the “the mixed multitude.” Those were people who traveled with Israel, or lived within the territory of Israel. They knew about Yahweh and they knew about His Law. Yahweh’s Law applied to everyone in the camp - not just to Israelites. Which meant that the “mixed multitude” were also judged at Yom Kippur.

      With that ancient TYPE as the prophecy, this meant that every person who knew about the God of Israel - who knew about His Law, will be judged at the Glorious Return of Christ, concerning their response to Him, and to His Law.

      That still left a lot of other people - whole “nations” who lived in ignorance of the God of Israel. Big question: When will they be judged?

      And that is what brought me to “the rest of the dead” (Rev. 20:5).

      I wondered if “the rest of the dead” might be those “nations” who will NOT BE JUDGED at the Second Coming. I knew they would be resurrected. Revelation 20:5 says they will “live again” after 1000 years have passed. But I wondered if they would be resurrected just to face judgment and then the Lake of Fire. The church I attended back then still teaches that. It seemed like overkill. Why resurrect unrepentant sinners at the Glorious Return to judge them and kill them, only to resurrect them again, to judge them again, to finally annihilate them? Yikes! Isn’t once enough?

      Searching for “the nations,” I began searching through the Old Testament. And I found them, right there with Israel “returned to the land.” I found them in prophecies of the future “greater exodus.” They were living around Israel, and even within Israel. There were dozens of prophecies. Israel would be “returned to the land,” and many Gentiles (even from the enemies of Israel) would also be “returned” to their lands.

      I thought these prophecies might apply only to the return from Babylon under Ezra and Nehemiah, but looking closely I realized that many of these “return” prophecies could NOT possibly apply to the ancient return from Babylon. With this “return” came wonderful peace, and tame animals like the lion, wolf and cobra, and dominance over every other nation. There was only one conclusion. These “nations” will be “the rest of the dead.” And many from these nations will come to “know the LORD.”

      The “nations” cannot justly be judged by the LORD until they have learned that He exists - that He is the Creator, that He has a Law (of unselfish love), and that He has a Son who died to show His love for every human being.


Isaiah 2:1-4 “And it shall come to pass in the latter days, that the mountain of Jehovah's house shall be established on the top of the mountains [above all kingdoms], and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many peoples shall go and say, ‘Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths:’ for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of Jehovah from Jerusalem.


Read the description again. Jehovah’s House (kingdom) has been established above all other kingdoms. This means that Christ is reigning. These events take place after the Glorious Return. Growing up, I was taught that all of the wicked will be raised in “the second resurrection” at the 8th millennium, to be judged and then annihilated. But here we see “peoples” (non-Israelites) going up to the House of the LORD, where they expect that “He will teach us his ways.” Their desire is to “walk in his paths.” Also, Daniel 12:2-3 describes a resurrection of both the saved and the wicked at the Glorious Return. Multitudes of the wicked will face judgment and the “lake of fire” at the Glorious Return. There’s no reason to resurrect those same people again, at the 8th millennium.

      The Father will provide healing through His Son. By this Spirit, each person may come into harmony with Him. To be found incompatible with His kingdom, the individual must resist the drawing and the indwelling of the Spirit. The point being that resistance is possible. God will not overpower the human mind or will.

      I realized the Gog-Magog war will be a rebellion, by those from “the nations” who have resisted the Spirit of Christ. They will form an army, and will try to overthrow the reign of Christ the King. See the study “Gog and Magog.”

      “The rest of the dead” will become those “nations” who are resurrected AFTER the 1000 years of the 7th millennium. Revelation 20:5 tells of “the rest.” The very next verse says that those resurrected when Jesus returns will become “priests of God and of Christ.” What need would there be for priests after the return of Christ? The priests served as mediators. Growing up - I thought all judgment was decided at that point.

      And that question lead me to the “kingdom of priests.”

      From Mt Sinai, the LORD said to Israel (to all of Israel - not just the Levites), “You will be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” God’s word always comes to pass. Whatever the delays, or the detours - eventually His word will be accomplished. Israel redeemed (which includes all grafted in Gentiles) will become a “kingdom of priests.” I learned that the priests of the First Covenant did more than offer sacrifices. They taught the law, settled disputes, and acted as judges of last resort. Christ’s “kingdom of priests” will one day govern and teach all those resurrected at the 8th millennium.

      Along the way, I had to answer questions concerning the “change of the priesthood,” what that was and how that could be, considering the commands and the promises to Aaron and Phinehas.

See: “The Change of the Priesthood - Under the New Covenant.”

      My study of the priesthood and the Tabernacle led me to all the commands concerning “the 8th day.” God has promised perfect “circumcision” of the heart. So WHEN will that be accomplished? Answer: The 8th day. He has promised complete healing and cleansing. WHEN will that be accomplished? Answer: The 8th day. He will “present” this earthly kingdom (once perfectly restored) to His Father as an offering. WHEN will that happen? In the ancient Tabernacle, a newborn became acceptable for presentation to the LORD - on the 8th day.


2 Peter 3:8 “But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

      The priesthood cannot begin their ministry until they have completed their consecration. In the ancient prophecy TYPE, the consecration of priests took 7 days. “With the LORD a day is as a thousand years.” Therefore the priesthood of Israel redeemed, will not complete their collective consecration until the end of the 7th millennium. They will begin to minister as priests on The 8th Day, and that coincides with the resurrection of “the rest.”

      I could believe all those commands and prophecies were coincidence. The LORD had it planned from the beginning. He knew exactly how long it would take to bring about the perfect healing of His people and His creation. He told us about it through the prophecy of the Ancient Tabernacle and the Feast Days.

      The Battle of Gog-Magog will take place during the 8th millennium. It will be the final battle of the war between Satan and Christ. The nations - all those who remain in rebellion, will unite under Satan to attack Jerusalem, seeking to overthrow the reign of Christ and His redeemed priesthood.

      There are many teachers who place the final Gog-Magog Battle, near the end of this present age. I disagree. Revelation Chapter 20 places Gog-Magog after Satan is released from 1000 years of imprisonment in the abyss.


NOTE: There will most probably be a great battle that is called Gog-Magog, before the end of this age. That battle will be a counterfeit, instigated by Satan prior to the Glorious Return of Christ, to deceive the world into believing that he is Christ come. That counterfeit Gog-Magog Battle will take place in the final months or weeks of this age.

      At the final Gog-Magog Battle, the wicked are consumed in the fire of God. Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire. After that Battle there will be a final judgment. And after this judgment, comes the Lake of Fire for everyone whose name is not found written in the Book of Life.

      I struggled with the idea that our God will throw conscious human beings into fire, to awful pain for even a moment until they are consumed. Relief! I no longer believe they are conscious when that final judgment sits. There is no mention of a third resurrection. I believe “the dead” will “stand” before God only in the sense that the record of their lives will be opened there. The record of their deeds and words will speak for itself. At the conclusion of the Great White Throne Judgment, God’s retained “memory” of those persons will be destroyed forever. They can never be resurrected again.

             NOTE: Christ promised that if we belong to Him, we will not come into judgment ( ).

      The final judgment is not for God. It will be closure for His redeemed. At the final judgment, the redeemed must all agree with the Father and His Son, that everything divinely possible was done to win each human being. Nothing more could have been done.

      If doubts remain, concerning the justice of God, it could fester into another rebellion.  Every doubt must be resolved before the scars of the rebellion against our God can be healed forever.

      All of redeemed Israel must give their consent before the final destruction of the rebellious. This principle is shown in the LORD’s command that “all Israel” (all leaders) participate in any executions. This is the TYPE. 

      Finally - I began to flesh out more of the details - children for instance, and the mentally compromised. I realized the LORD could not give eternal life in His kingdom to someone simply because he died as a child. How fair would that be? Children get a “free pass” just for being kids, while the rest of us have to meet certain conditions. And how would the LORD guarantee those children all stick with the program, if they did not choose to be there. It would be manipulation if He just reprogrammed their minds without their permission. I don’t believe our God does that. If He does, then He should have done it in the first place, with Adam and Eve, and skipped all the horrible sin mess.

      Citizenship in the eternal Kingdom of God is based upon CHOICE, which must be INFORMED if God is JUST. Young children, the mentally compromised, and the uninformed must be resurrected, then healed and/or allowed to mature, then informed (taught), and then ALLOWED TO CHOOSE. Short of this - God cannot be just and merciful.

      Well - that was my journey of study, leading to my present understanding of “The 8th Day.” For much greater detail with lots of Scripture support, please read the whole book for FREE right here on Prophecy Viewpoint.

      We pray most of all, that our studies will strengthen your relationship with God our Father and with His Divine Son, Yeshua Messiah.

Shalom and Blessings

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

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