Why I Believe

In God - In Jesus as God’s Son

1. The many miracles I have personally experienced

            I will try to record for PVP some accounts of miracles I have experienced.

2. The actions of those men who first followed Jesus

            and later claimed to have seen Him after the resurrection.


Ten of the original disciples died as martyrs. John was banished to the Isle of Patmos. The Apostle Paul was beheaded and Stephen (one of the first deacons) was stoned to death. Some died by public torture rather than recant their story of the resurrection and their belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God and the promised Messiah. All dedicated their lives to the Gospel of Christ. Who would do such for a story they knew to be false? There was certainly nothing for them to gain (in this world) and constant persecution to suffer.

3. The amazing accuracy of the ancient Bible prophecies

            I’ve listed just some of the prophecies of Messiah.

      See the links at the end of this article.      


4. Recent discoveries in genetics, cell biology, geology, paleontology and physics,

      which fit well with a young earth creation scenario.

            See our Recommended Reading and Resources page at prophecyviewpoint.com.

5. Discoveries in archeology


            See our Recommended Reading and Resources page at prophecyviewpoint.com.


6. The actions of Christ as recorded in the Gospels.


The Gospels are about the man, and who He claimed to be - the only way to God and life eternal.

He knew his claims and his growing popularity, would soon get him killed. He knew that Jerusalem was the most dangerous place for him, yet he did not stay away or keep his voice down. Just the opposite.


He disbanded any large gathering around him, or simply walked away quietly. Not the action of one planning a rebellion against the ruling government. He told his followers to obey their masters, to obey the legal authorities and to pay their taxes. Not the words of a revolutionary. He taught against taking up arms.


You could write him off as a deluded lunatic martyr. Perhaps. But his teachings and parables seem rather sane and balanced. His parables were often disguised criticism of the ruling elites - something one does to avoid being martyred. And according to the Gospel writers, he begged God to be excused from a painful martyr’s death.


Was he seeking fame for it’s own sake? Did he wish to be thought of as a great prophet like Elijah, or Samuel, or Isaiah, his words preserved for a thousand years? Possibly. But if so, why claim to be the promised Messiah? If he failed to bring in the promised freedom and restoration of Israel, his claim would most probably go nowhere, and his fame would fade as quickly as his decaying body. The fact that his fame did not fade, but rather has grown, is another proof of his identity.


He just doesn’t fit the profile of a deceiver, a lunatic, an egomaniac, or a revolutionary. That leaves his claim to be the only Son of God. But how to confirm that claim?


He prophesied His resurrection - on the third day following His death. If that prophesy was fulfilled - if he actually rose from the dead - his claims (concerning His identity) would be confirmed.


And that leads to the evidence for His resurrection. Is there enough evidence? I say yes. There is.

Many Blessings Always

Rachel Cory-Kuehl


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