September 25, 2022

            AUDIO STUDIES: Three NEW audio studies in the “Secret Rapture” series (with more to come) are up on Prophecy Viewpoint. Please do rate each audio study when you finish listening. Thanks bunches.

            As I have recorded the teachings, the process has highlighted areas of each written study that need fine tuning for better clarification. That’s a good thing! I just want the studies to be the best they can be.

            Those of you who have followed our website for some 30 years, know how far we have come.

            We remain an independent ministry. Everything on our website is free. We do not accept donations. We are just one voice in the sea of voices. We believe the LORD helps individuals who are searching with open minds, to find our website.

We pray the LORD’s protection of His people.

Many Blessings,

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

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