June 20, 2022

            I am editing and overhauling the studies on the Secret Rapture question. When I tried to record an audio study of Part II - “History and Pillars,” I realized right away, that the study needed better organization. It is now edited and hopefully improved. I’m writing a new Part III - “The Evil Prince,” to accommodate the information that was too much to include in Part II. The original Parts 3 and 4, have become Parts 4 and 5. Bear with me.

            The subject of the Rapture is very complicated and has many parts:

I had to address each teaching of Darby that impacts his teaching on a Secret Rapture.

There are several.

I had to explain what Darby believed, and why he believed as he did.

Then I had to explain what I believe, and why I disagree with Darby.

Many Blessings

I pray our Lord’s protection of His faithful remnant.

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

Prophecy Viewpoint

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