November 23, 2021

      We continue with the edits and improvements. Thanks to everyone who rated one or more of the studies, using the “Rate this Study” link at the end of each study. Those ratings tell us which studies are most often read by visitors, and which studies may need improvement.

      Please do visit our RESOURCES PAGE. That is where we post recommendations for our favorite videos and books on many topics. Klaus did a lot of work getting all those picture links set up, so our readers can go right to the sellers page to order.

      We do pay for ads for the studies at We know how many clicks we are charged for. That’s another way of counting. But of course the number of visitors to PVP far exceeds the clicks we pay for. Visitors are averaging 36,000 per month.

      BE SURE to hit refresh.” Otherwise you won’t see the latest updates and edits. To see if a favorite study has been edited, look under the Title, to see if the “Date last edited” is recent.

      You can still email us with your questions or comments. I try to answer most everyone.

      As I work on the edits, I’m adding a contents list to the longer studies. If you have followed for years, you have seen lots and lots of improvements. We started this website back in 1985 under the name My husband encouraged me to write out my studies. He wanted to start a website where he could put them on the web. That was 36 years ago. Since then, we’ve heard from hundreds of Bible students, from around the world.

      I do not teach weekly or on any regular basis. I write studies. Those studies are then posted on our website. So I don’t have a “regular” membership or such. ProphecyViewpoint is not a church, and is not part of a denomination. We are independent Bible students. Sure. We have many things in common with several denominations, but we maintain our independent thoughts.

      I’ve been working with an old friend who does not have an extensive study background in the Scriptures. My friend reads the study, then we go over it together. She shares very frank comments, pointing out sections where the meaning or message is not clear, or sections that are just not well written. Her input has helped greatly, to improve the studies. When she understands something clearly, I’m pretty sure that regular folks will understand it too.

      Thank you for your prayers and supporting comments. I so look forward to meeting everyone who visited our site, when we meet one day, in His Kingdom.

Many Blessings Always

Rachel Cory-Kuehl


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