Newsletter - April 21, 2018

            The webmaster is still converting audio files. This is going to take awhile. The earliest audios were recorded at our dining room table, during our weekly Bible study. Those files had to be loaded into the computer, then converted to a form that would play through the website. There are some 127 audio lectures posted on the Prophecy Viewpoint website. You can understand why this conversion to the new modem is taking some time.

            We are converting all of the audio files to a player that is part of our website, rather than have you use the audio browser in your own device. Folks were telling us their own device audio browsers were cutting off the lecture, after just a few moments.

            Please, let us know when you cannot play the audio teachings, or when something doesn’t load. We depend on you for feedback. Your feedback will help others out there.

            I am slowly going through the written studies (67 of them at last count), editing and (hopefully) improving. I will slowly make new audio recordings, and replace some of the older ones. And when something new and worth sharing comes to mind, I will write a new study. Prophecy Viewpoint is my calling.


            Since we signed up with Google Search in 2013, Prophecy Viewpoint has received 296 thousand visits - that we can “see”. Most folks surf anonymously, so the number we can “see” is just a small fraction of the real total. Those visitors came from every world nation, save three.

            Just so you know, we do NOT keep or share any email addresses. We are not selling anything for money, and we do not accept donations. We use our own money to pay for the Google Search ads. This is our thankful offering to the LORD for His blessings.

Thank you so much, for your prayers.

May the LORD bless you always.

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

Prophecy Viewpoint

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