Update: May 19, 2024

A new study was just uploaded: The 7th Millennium or The 8th.

            This study is a review of reasons to believe that Yeshua Messiah will set up His kingdom on this earth at the 8th millennium, NOT during the 7th millennium that will begin with His upcoming glorious appearance to retrieve His “bride.”


            When I did the Doug Hamp Prophecy Roundtable interview for Youtube, about “the rest of the dead” from Revelation Chapter 20, I did not have a list of reasons ready. I felt badly about that, and I’ve been wanting to publish a list of reasons. Our water and electric had been out for a week with the big freeze in Texas. We went over to a local motel to clean up, and then film the program. I only had my Bible, and my husband’s notebook computer for the zoom. My notes were on my home computer.

            Hey! We broke 3000 visitors on a single day!! Folks out there are hungry! Most days we average around 1600 visitors. Thanks to all, for your word-of-mouth sharing. ProphecyViewpoint just continues to grow.

            Enough for this Update.

            Many Blessings

            Keep the Faith and share prophecyviewpoint.com.



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