August 24, 2023

            Daily visitors to Prophecy Viewpoint have increased to average 1000. Wow! That’s another 25% increase, just from last month. And a 150% increase from last November. This is word of mouth! Our little ad budget only brings 1000 a month.

            UPDATE: No big spine surgery, for now. Thank you LORD! Had couple pain blocks, and doing PT exercises. How did I visit doctors for 75 years, only to learn a few months ago, that I’ve had a significant scoliosis most all my life. Age and gravity have caused problems, that I now must deal with. Certainly explains my life-long backaches. Ahh well...

            NEW AUDIO STUDY: My study on the upcoming 7th millennium had expanded so much, that I felt the need to re-record it. It’s now in three parts. Please do rate each audio study when you finish listening. Thanks bunches.

            IMPORTANT: Most folks will need to REFRESH everything in order to see the latest content.

            As I have recorded the teachings, the process has highlighted areas of each written study that need fine tuning for better clarification. That’s a good thing! I just want the studies to be the best they can be.

            Those of you who have followed our website for some 30 years, know how far we have come. We remain an independent ministry. Everything on our website is free. We do not accept donations. We are just one voice in the sea of voices. We believe the LORD helps individuals who are searching with open minds, to find our website. Those who wish to help our website can like us on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks much.

            I’m still waiting for someone to guide me through the process to get a YouTube channel going for Prophecy Viewpoint studies. Full Disclosure: I’m not very tech savvy, and we don’t have a ton of money.

May our God bless you and protect you.

Rachel Cory-Kuehl

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